December 21. 2018

Today is exactly halftime between the starts of the MidsummerSail.

The perfect time to read a review from Salome Gerber. She took part with her dad in this years edition.

(written in German language) 

December 1. 2018 / 16.00 hours

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November 8. 2018 / 12.00 hours

The Poehler Kogge WISSEMARA will be present at the start of the MidsummerSail 2019,

to wish all participants Fair Winds. Fantastic!

November 1. 2018 / 14.00 hours

Every participant who wants to buy a monthly booking of the SEAMAN APP for the MidsummerSail,

receives a discount of 5, - Euro.

Simply order the app via email to

Please enter a complete billing address and that you participate in the MidsummerSail.

3. July 2018 / 08.40 hours


Thomas Woithe on DELA is the Winner of the MidsummerSail 2018.

He sailed the longest, and probably hardest, sailing regatta on the Baltic sea in a time of:

11 days - 19 hours - 40 minutes - 8 seconds

He was single handed and the only one that finished the race.