June 24. 2019 / 13.20

Daniel Tellenbach from AMIRA started a fantastic blog. Have a look HERE

June 24. 2019 / 10.00


June 23. 2019 / 19.30

All happy on SY Meu

June 23. 2019 / 18.00

From WILMA: No wind and the toilet is (was) also broken... wind is coming back...

June 23. 2019 / 10.30

The Crew of MOJO will start again in approx. 1h again intro the race.

June 23. 2019 / 01.35

update from PURE: after beautiful surfing in the waters south of the Kalmarsund, the downwind gennaker gives us some trouble since we jibed to the north. So first we had some work on board, but everything is clear and no further damage has been done. We are still in a good mood and will tackle the upcoming light wind days with a heavy Reacher. So we are probably the only ones who would like to wind up.

June 22. 2019 / 20.45

MOJO will make a stopover at Utklippan.

They have some trouble with the autopilot and the crew around Thomas Weigel will try to fix it over night.

June 22. 2019 / 13.42

While the field moves fairly quickly to the northeast in the first 24 hours, Thorsten Junge, on DORI, is on his way to Rügen.

Once contact has been made, there will be an update.


17.10 update: Thorsten Junge is fine. But his boat DORI has problems to generate power for the selfsteering. Thats why he had to give up.

June 21. 2019 / 13.oo

Setting off with a boom, the starting cannon has sent the 11 yachts of the 4th MidsummerSail on this year's adventure.

Singlehanded, doublehanded or fully crewed, they are underway on very different boats with everything from a Mini 6.50 to 48 foot yachts taking part.


April 25. 2019

March 11. 2019

In this years edition the starting signal will be fired by the cannon of the sailing ship Wissemara.

At 1pm on the dot, the MidsummerSailors will be off to cross the entire Baltic Sea.

December 21. 2018

Today is exactly halftime between the starts of the MidsummerSail.

The perfect time to read a review from Salome Gerber. She took part with her dad in this years edition.

(written in German language) 

December 1. 2018 / 16.00 hours

Are you looking for a boat in order to take part in the MidsummerSail?

Then have a look at Mediamare-Yachtcharter.

There you can get the perfect yacht at a perfect price.

Just ask for the MidsummerSail-Special.

November 8. 2018 / 12.00 hours

The Poehler Kogge WISSEMARA will be present at the start of the MidsummerSail 2019,

to wish all participants Fair Winds. Fantastic!

November 1. 2018 / 14.00 hours

Every participant who wants to buy a monthly booking of the SEAMAN APP for the MidsummerSail,

receives a discount of 5, - Euro.

Simply order the app via email to service@wetterwelt.de.

Please enter a complete billing address and that you participate in the MidsummerSail.

3. July 2018 / 08.40 hours


Thomas Woithe on DELA is the Winner of the MidsummerSail 2018.

He sailed the longest, and probably hardest, sailing regatta on the Baltic sea in a time of:

11 days - 19 hours - 40 minutes - 8 seconds

He was single handed and the only one that finished the race.