2. July 2018 / 00.00 hours


DELA is bearing Töre now in 355 true and has a remaining direct distance of less than 99 nautical miles.

This makes it possible to get to the finish line of the #midsummersail 2018 from #wismar to #tore.schweden until Tuesday morning considering present wind forecasts.

update / 13.45 hours

Less than 50 nautical miles in a direct bearing to #töre.schweden in our #agoradirect #midsummersail 2018 for DELA and the clear beauty of the north unfolds to me like shown with this impression. The night and morning were absolut fabulous.

ETA 2200 to 0200

DELA passing Lulea (traffic entry), 2 further tacks until she enters the fjord and will sail up to #töre.schweden in the #agoradirect#midsummersail 2018 to the finish in the upcoming night. #wismar

update / 18.30 hours

Into the fjord upwind, max 1 bft. How many tacks until the wind shifts? Will the wind turn clockwise?

update / 23.00 hours

Into the fjord...

1. July 2018 / 12.00 hours

From DELA: Last night we passed Eustra Kvarken. For this milestone we enjoyed a warm cup of tea (unfortunately no butter). Traffic situation could have been easy, but we observed wind shifts and nervous watch captains - all for security and with 2-3h of cost towards #töre.schweden#midsummersail.

Windforcasts only show restricted support, but we'll find a route to our finish line.


update / 17.40 hours

Enjoying warm sun, before it becomes night (pretty obviously we are far more north than I used to be,

not only because of the great light.

30. June 2018 / 08.45 hours

DELA is on her way to Töre.

THE BLACKADDER seems to travel on a road with 58 kn.

At the moment I don't know whats wrong, but will keep you updated...


update / 11.40 hours

THE BLACKADDER retires from the race due to weather and time frame.

We thank Robert for the inspiration and organisation and wish a safe race to the finish line for DELA.

update / 16.00 hours

The Töre Harbour Festival was fantastic. Thanks for having us!

update / 23.30 hours

From DELA the only remaining boat in the race:

Onboard impressions od 2100 Helsinki time. Facing energy issues with my fuel cell. Do not want to start diesel engine in this spectacular beautiful environment. Eustra Kvarken Passage upcoming next in a few wind shifts ;)


29. June 2018 / 13.50 hours

From DELA: Last checks, preparation and briefing to get back out there #midsummersail 2018, I need to go NNW directly to where the wind is coming from. New ETD from Kasalan 18.00.

update / 19.50 hours

from DELA: Nach dem Reffen vor KASALAN wurde es etwas einfacher für uns beim #midsummersail 2018. Unser Element der blauer Himmel, die helle Scheibe und Wind! Kleinere Segel wären besser, haben wir aber nicht, die großen Segel bleiben mit Sicherheit erstmal hinten links. 2. Reff im Groß, Genua 3 50%.

28. June 2018 / 13.30 hours

THE BLACKADDER informed me that they will stopover in Ornsköldvik,

because of an incoming weather front with 35-40 kn of wind for the following midnight.


update / 19.15 hours

Stop-Over for DELA because of gale warnings 40 kn.

On the course of the early afternoon I decided to stop-over. On the foundation of short messages with a violent forecast for Eustra Kvarken (pot. Gatt). I was confronted with a conflict between my routing (I could win) for just this forecast and safety of DELA. Chosen a near harbour without anything but light on the pontoon Kasalan Fishing Harbour is a place to visit with your next cruising holidays.

27. June 2018 / 03.30 hours

DELA says Magic

update / 08.30 hours

Es werde Wind! on DELA

update / 09.00 hours

The skipper of VELA has informed me, that they will retire from the race.

They had technical issues and don't believe they will make it in time anymore.

Boat and crew are fine.


update / 12.45 hours


Kurz vor dem nächsten WM-Spiel der Schweiz segeln wir unter dem roten Spinnaker mit dem weissen Kreuz.

update / 16.40 hours

Für die KOOKABURRA ist die Regatta zu Ende. Wir schaffen es nicht bis Töre. Es war eine tolle Zeit. Vielen Dank!

26. June 2018 / 00.45 hours

Onboard DELA

update / 18.40 hours

DELA waiting for the new wind direction for maybe the last chance to arrive at the party in Töre on time. 

update / 19.40 hours

Back racing

update / 20.20 hours

THE BLACKADDER: Nach viel Geschlacker endlich Schiebewind

update / 22.10 hours


25. June 2018 / 06.00 hours

Sunrise onboard DELA

update / 09.45 hours

Pictures from onboard THE BLACKADDER

update / 11.00 hours


update / 21.40 hours

VELA has some problems withe the electrics and stopped in Visby to fix it.

update / 22.00 hours


24. June 2018 / 08.30 hours

KOOKABURRA is on their way to Töre again.

DELA has some problems with the tracker, we are working on it.


update 09.00 hours

position DELA: N 56º 43' 825'' / E 016º 54' 541'' 


update 10.35 hours

The trackers of DELA and VELA are in standby mode, because the boats aren't moving.

Once they find wind, all should be up and running again.


first impressions:

18.10 hours KOOKABURRA plowing along...

20.40 hours KOOKABURRA under spinnaker

 23. June 2018 / 02.00 hours

VELA stopped over in Ystad.


update 10.40 hours

VELA back on route up north. KOOKABURRA will stay in Darßer Ort until Sunday morning.

 22. June 2018 / 09.30 hours

DELA, VELA and THE BLACKADDER are back on route.

KOOKABURRA will start Saturday morning again.


update 15.00 hours

KOOKABURRA left Kühlungsborn and is now back on route to Töre.


update 21.30 hours

KOOKABURRA arrived at Nothafen Darßer Ort. Crew and boat are fine.

21. June 2018 / 14.00 hours

And they are off...

Weather conditions will be very tough, so we might see some stopovers.

update 21.00 hours

DELA will be at anchor for the night and VELA, KOOKABURRA and THE BLACKADDER are safe in harbours.

The wind and wave conditions are just too much at the moment.

23. May 2018

Töre welcomes MidsummerSail!

With music and activities. The website is only in swedish, but Google translate helps ; )



© Töre Sweden

21. May 2018

Go to the "Sicher auf See" webpage and get the app which safes Lives.


20. April 2018

The brand new trophies are ready and waiting to be won.

25. February 2018

It is crazy to imagine that in only 115 days, a fleet of sailing yachts will sail where right now there is nothing but ice!

(source: http://www.smhi.se)

15. February 2018

The crew of UNIVERSITAS made a nice film about their race to Töre: