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Time & Place:

- June 19, participating boats moor up during the day / Westhafen Wismar

- June 19, 7.00 pm / skipper briefing / Wismar, Brauhaus am Lohberg

- June 20, morning / final preparations for the start / Westhafen Wismar

- June 20, 12.30 pm / viewing point for the race start / pier Wendorf

- June 20, 1.00 pm / start signal / starting line between the Schwedenköpfe



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press release / May 12, 2020



MidsummerSail 2020 can start!

The 5th anniversary will go ahead



The Ministry of Health have given their Go-Ahead for the MidsummerSail 2020.

The 5th anniversary of the longest and toughest regatta on the Baltic Sea has permission to start.

With 30 boats and 70 sailors the starting line is bigger than ever and there are another 10 yachts are on the waiting list.

On Saturday June 20th, 1:00 p.m., the yachts will set out to sail 900 nautical miles across the entire Baltic Sea.

The best time for the route from Wismar to Töre is 5 days, 17 hours, 38 minutes, 20 seconds and was sailed last year by Maike and Uwe Prieß's yacht Pure.

Of course, MidsumemrSail will also take place under the increased hygiene and distance regulations, which is why why the harbor festival in Töre has been canceled and the skipper briefing is restricted to skippers not crews.

Unfortunately, the circumstances have disrupted the planning of some sailors and caused a cancellations, but there are many waiting on the reserve list to take their place.

It shows once again how difficult it is to get an offshore regatta to the start line, and so the biggest reward in the anniversary year will definitely be the finisher-photos on the famous yellow buoy.



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