June 18, 2021



if you come to Boltenhagen before the start, you can call on Ch 77 from Saturday morning 09.00 There is the possibility that a rib will help you to maneuver. Because the Baltic ports are always crowded, the mooring is possibly alongside to other participants.

Get together


on Saturday, June 19, at 19.00, the Marina Boltenhagen invites all participants to a cold beer and a get-together at the Bistro Windstaerke 10.

There are also berths still available and a test center.


See you...

June 7, 2021


There are apparently serious problems with delivering and receiving emails from GMX & WEB accounts. That is why the updates will be available on this page in the future.


Trackers, start numbers and a short personal briefing will be available from June 17th in the “office” at Alter Hafen 4, 23966 Wismar. Alternatively, just contact me, then we can meet us.

Entry to Sweden from Denmark and Finland is apparently possible without a test requirement. So a stopover would be a possibility. This would then have to be proven by the crew and entry into these countries certainly has rules as well.

Please take enough self-tests for the crew on board. This way, tests can be carried out in Töre if necessary and shortly before landfall and these tests can then be authorised by the skipper, organizer or harbor master.



June 3, 2021


I spoke again today with the Swedish embassy in Berlin and the German embassy in Stockholm. There I was told the following:

Every person arriving from Germany needs a negative test.

Also sailors and fully vaccinated people (it's crazy, but what can you do?). PCR, Lamp and Antigen tests in English are accepted.

This test must not be older than 48 hours upon arrival.


How a sailor who has been at sea for more than 48 hours should comply with this rule was not answered. That should be clarified with those responsible at the destination port.

I cannot answer whether Anja from the camping site at the harbour in Töre is doing this or not.

Once in Sweden, you can move around freely without having to be re-tested. If someone wants to be tested, self-tests can be bought in pharmacies. There are also ways to get test dates online, but that didn't get me very far.

I hear from a colleague it is slightly more relaxed in Sweden than in Germany and I wish us all the best.