The skipper briefing will be at 19.00 (7pm) on June 20, 2022.

Details to follow.



Wismar is a classic northern German harbour town. It has all the necessary facilities and is easily reached by car or train.

In Germany it is often difficult to pay by credit card, cash is the main form of payment.



Weisse Wiek

Location of the race village

 For the night before the start the harbour master welcomes you to moor your yacht in his Marina.

Just opposite the city of Wismar also has guest berth.


The start line is just north of the Westhafen, between the two famous Wismar "Schwedenköpfe".


If you want to visit the start you can go to the PIER WENDORF.


Or you book a place on the WISSEMARA, where the starter cannon will also be fired.


The finish line is next to the yellow buoy.

After the buoy its becoming soon very shallow, so one must turn around quickly.


Töre is a very small place. Its has a camping site with a little harbour.

The nearest towns are Kalix (30km) to the east and Lulea (60km) to the west of Töre.


Sweden uses its own currency, the Swedish krona (SEK).

Important: Very often its not possible to pay with cash anymore. One must have a credit card.

MidsummerSail Töre Festival

The community organizes a harbour festival. Details to follow...

Here is the website:


The harbour is small and has no crane to lift the boat or mast. It closes down in winter.

 Although its possible to book a mobile crane:

company Havator from Lulå

Adam Wayman / +46 70 100 87 27 /


There is a small supermarket and a gas station in Töre. It's worth renting a bicycle from the harbor kiosk to get there.


For boat service with a crane there is the Norrkust Marina:


In Lulea you can find the Bathamn Marina (no information about a crane):

Boat-slip facility in Törehamn


The best airport to fly to is Lulea. There are several nonstop flights from Stockholm to Lulea with a flight time of 1 hour & 20 minutes.


by car:

It is possible to hire a car at Lulea airport:

It takes about 45 minutes to drive from the airport to Töre harbour, a distance of 60 km.


by bus:

The Lulea bus station is about 10 km away from the airport and can be reached by bus Nr. 104.

They leave every 60 minutes and take about 15 minutes.

There are various busses (Nr. 20, 55, 100) from Lulea bus station to Töre bus station:

The bus takes about 1 hour to drive.


by train:

You can also take a train from Stockholm to Lulea.


Its a little less than 2 km walk from Töre bus station to the harbour.

Taxis can be pre booked on the following numbers:

B G Sundkvist Taxi / 0046 (0)923 - 64 08 65

J.G.L Taxi / 0046 (0)70 222 00 42

Johansson, Rickard / 0046 (0)923 - 64 07 37


Hotels can be found in the nearby towns Lulea, Boden and Kalix (30-60 km distance).

In Töre itself there is only a camping & caravan site. They also have huts to rent.

At the patrol station you can find a motel.

The little harbour has access to the camping facilities.

Find the details in the following link:

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