Beat the MidsummerRecord

...and get your finisher medal!


5 d - 17 h - 38 m - 46 s

Monohull - PURE - 2019


d - 00 h - 49 m - 29 s

Multihull - WILDE PERLE II - 2020


7 d - 11 h - 28 m - 27 s

 Smallest Crew - EXTRABREIT - 2021


11 d - 00 h - 43 m - 40 s

 Smallest Boat - TOLL PATSCH - 2017


00 d - 00 h - 00 m - 00 s 

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The AGORA direct MidsummerSail is a sailing regatta from the southernmost to the northernmost point of the Baltic Sea.

The Baltic Sea is one of the most beautiful sailing areas in the world. There are hardly any tides and during the summer there is almost constant daylight. The Baltic offers all kinds of conditions, from very light to very strong winds, and from all possible directions.

A glance at a map will make you want to sail the whole way across. The North-South stretch of almost 900 nautical miles provides the perfect balance between a holiday trip and a sea-going race.

But please note, it's called the longest and hardest Baltic regatta for a reason!



- Line Honours monohull / trophy & 1000,- €

- Line Honours multihull / trophy & 1000,- €

- Smallest crew arriving / trophy & 1000,- €

- Smallest boat (LOA) arriving / trophy & 1000,- €

- Medal for everyone finishing the race successfully



The start time 2022 will be June 21 at 1pm, which is midsummer.

The deadline for registering is May 21, 2022 at 1pm.

The time limit for the race is July 5, 2022 at 1pm.



The start is in the bay of Wismar. It's the most southern point of the Baltic Sea.

The finish is at Töre next to a yellow buoy, the most northern point of the Baltic Sea.

The route is about 900 nautical miles (1670 km) long.

important: The maximum draught possible is 3 meters!

start:   N 53º 54' 49.0'' / E 11º 26' 14.1''       finish:   N 65º 54' 3.1'' / E 22º 39' 4.9''



1. Wind is the only permitted driving force. (The motor can only be used to charge batteries, but not to propel the boat.)

2. The motor must be turned off at the "10 minute signal" before the start.

3. You are free to choose the route and any stopovers.

4. If you use the motor for a stopover, then you must return to the location where you started the motor, and resume from there under sail.

5. The crew may be exchanged, but not the skipper. The maximum crew number counts.

6. Every skipper must adhere to the International Collision Regulations (IRPCS).

7. Each skipper is responsible for the safety of his/her crew and boat.

8. Every crew must give their contact details & emergency contacts to the organizer.

9. Each participant must sign a disclaimer, that they take part at their own risk.

10. Every boat must have appropriate third-party insurance.

11. Every crew must attend the briefing the evening before the race.

12. The GPS tracker must be displayed on every boat.

13. Every boat must pay an entry fee for the 2022 edition of the race. Details click here.

14. All mooring fees must be payed by the respective skipper. The entry fee only covers the GPS tracker.

15. You can sail IRC corrected. Details click here.

16. Communication takes place either via Ch 72, or mobile phone.

17. Underage participants need a clear consent from their parents.

18. There are 2 start-signals and 1 Finish-Signal.

19. Rule violations are punishable by time penalties or, in extreme cases, disqualification.

20. Protests are to be presented to the race organiser.

21. The regatta flag should be flown in the place of the national flag.


- 10 minutes before the start / engine off

- start 1, 13.00 / multis / numeric pennant 1

- start 2, 13.10 / from 36 ft numeric pennant 2

- start 3, 13.20 / up to 35 ft numeric pennant 3


- The 10 minutes extra of group 2 and 20 minutes extra of group 3, will be deducted at the finish.

- Finish signal

 --- --- ---


- monohull 2 hours penalty

- multihull 3 hours penalty