nr. boat  crew  sail area (m2)  weight (kg)



Segler-Verein zu Rostock

6d - 12h - 23m - 47s


Winner: Line Honours

Anabel Plieth

Hauke Sponholz (Skipper)

Jannis Kaminski-Reith

Lennard Groeneveld

Markus Pinkau

Jan-Ole Höppner

Philipp Marienhagen

100 upwind

150 downwind


AVANTI / Dufour 325

9d - 18h - 30m - 58s

Gunnar Kuphal (Skipper)

Reinhard Franzke

54 upwind

92 downwind


TUTTO BENE /  Seascape 18


Segler-Verein zu Rostock

retired from the race

(June 24, 8.29pm)

Hajo Hensel

23 upwind

55 downwind


TOLL PATSCH / Invader 22

11d - 0h - 43m - 40s



- Smallest Crew

- Smallest Boat

Sebastian Bönigk

24 upwind

37 downwind


BESS / Elvström 32 / Half Ton

retired from the race

(June 23, 5.35pm)

Bernt Yavuz (Skipper)

Thilo Schoch

40 upwind

72 downwind


Last year when Holger and I sailed to Toere, it was both a great adventure and a lot of fun. What we didn’t know was, if it would be possible to convince any other sailors to tackle the same route, the length of the entire Baltic Sea.

But it was possible!

And it is indescribable how it feels when an idea takes off.

At the beginning there was barely any reaction. „Segelreporter" published a report and I was very proud, but otherwise nothing happened. Or at least so I thought.

It wasn’t until Christmas and the boats had been out of the water a long time before I received the first email. From a sailor asking for details of MidsummerSail, and I thought, wow! But then there was nothing.

The year 2017 started and everyday life had long taken over. But then I got an email, this time from a sailing club!

So the sailing world had noticed this new thing on the Baltic, only that I hadn’t realised they had.

Finally I had the first participant and could register the first names for the MidsummerSail 2017.

At the beginning of March, when „Yacht Online“ also published an article, that was when we really got wind in the sails. 

There were a total of 8 boats on the registration list, five of them actually took part and all of them said it was brilliant.

Gunnar Kuphal (AVANTI), from the „Berliner Yacht-Club“ and „Schiffergilde zu Berlin“, said MidsummerSail was the perfect training cruise.

The crew of BESS said they „would do it again“ and they will: they too have signed up already for 2018. 

Sebastian Bönigk (TOLL PATSCH) hauled the most fans in his wake, tacking his way into our hearts with his amazing single-handed achievement. He was the real Baltic hero.

When I look at the pictures of the Midsummer sailors as they stand victorious on the yellow buoy, it still blows my mind.

You made reality out of a dream, and it was fantastic.

Many thanks!